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Thank you for visiting Photon Bounce! We are US-based professionals that enjoy technology, sharing and seek to promote human welfare. We focus primarily on UI/UX design, web development, app development, game design, websites, user interfaces, identity branding, e-commerce websites, social media marketing (SMM), Augmented Reality (AR) apps and offer professional SEO services.

Web Development

Responsive and mobile website design and development solutions, eCommerce websites, custom CMS's, classifieds sites, survey pages, microsites, mobile sites, HTML5 & CSS3, Parallex wesites and much more

App Development

Custom desktop application development, mobile application development, business-to-business APIs, back-end server and database management, payment-processing gateway integration, custom-hosting packages

Mixed Reality

Complete 3D modeling, 3D animation and 3D programming. Augumented Reallity (AR) 3D Solutions (for HoloLens, Kinect2 and iOS/Android Apps). 3D product or architectural & virtual reality (VR) development

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, back-linking, blogging, content generation, White-Hat SEO, keyword infusion, blogging, site submission and more

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, content management, social network management, #hashtag infusion, SEO-friendly copywriting & blogging

UI/UX & Identity Branding

Custom graphic design & logo branding. Simple and advanced options are custom-designed for your business' identity. Technical Illustration

Case Study - SAAS - LIEN ONE

Client approached Photon Bounce with request to redesign their old software that had number of issues:

  • User Experience Issues
  • Usability Problems
  • Speed - Slow loading pages
  • Unsatisfactory written code

CLIENT: Lien One - The Industry Leader in Property Taxes Research

Established in 2003 Lien One has prided itself as an innovative Leader in Property Records Research. Real Estate Industry Professionals, Homeowners and Buyers trust and rely upon Lien One for the fastest, accurate, complete, transparent and most comprehensive unrecorded property records research products.
Photon Bounce offers Social Media Marketing services based on your budget and delivers social network content to your social media channels and blog. Articles are written in most professional and interesting way and with proper hashtags, awesome graphics, animations, sideshows, testimonials, your recent news, Facebook and Youtube Videos made by real actors. Our clients get very vibrant social presence.
Photon Bounce delivers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Blogging services for websites owned by any-sized businesses.  We provide White-Hat-Search Engine Optimization which is a more organic and more effective approach. Photon Bounce creates content with keywords and key-phrases that are relevant and welcomed by web search engines.

Software As a Site Development + Desktop Programs Custom-Developed for You

Photon Bounce offers custom-built and rapidly developed software solutions for any business office.
One of the examples is as follows: you have a part or full time employee just to manually process a computer task. We automate the task by creating custom software for you. The results in significantly reduced labor costs. Some of our clients started saving over $100,000 annually with the software.

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Save up to %50 from market prices! Real deal!

Content Management System


  • Visually build your website without having to touch a single line of code.
  • Create/Apply theme
  • Make CSS changes
  • Free Domain Name
  • Clients can pay for their services within the app under Billing
  • Clients can pay by invoice
  • Automatic billing
  • Dues are only visible to Admins
  • 1 month free trial (upon request)
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Appraisal Management Company Tools


  • Place Orders | Appraiser Assignment
  • Appraisal Type configuration
  • UCDP/EAD support
  • Credit Card processing | $4/ORDER!
  • Google Maps integration
  • UAD / Custom quality checks in Appraisal Reports
  • Reporting/Direct Deposit(ACH)
  • USER TYPES: Lender/Broker/Appraiser/Staff
  • INTEGRATIONS(extra fee):
  • Appraisal Quality Review
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Lien Search Tools


  • Use this multitool to search for property lien information
  • Municipal database
  • Staff users
  • Admin capability
  • Backend order management
  • Client order updates via text, email notification
  • Order website notification
  • Payment processing
  • Decrease need for hiring additional office staff
  • Automate most office/software tasks
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Dental Office Tools


  • Save tens of thousands dollars annually with this great toolkit for your dental office.
  • Decrease need for hiring additional office staff
  • Automate most office/software tasks
  • Appointment management
  • Client management
  • Price quoting for services
  • Allow clients to make appointments
  • 1 month free of Social Media Marketing
  • Free SEO website analysis
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What Does Photon Bounce?

From Our Clients:
"We recently did some marketing and design work with Photon Bounce. They were a pleasure to work with and very knowledgable. We were impressed by their design skills, marketing copy and clear & prompt communication. I wouldn't hesitate to use their services again!"

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