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I am a multi-media designer and developer that's highly passionate about art, digital art and technology. My primarily focus is on graphic design, website development, 3d modeling/animation, augmented reality, virtual reality, digital illustration, UI/UX, together with professional marketing skills.

UX/UI & Graphic Design

User Experience/User Interface development and graphic art. Utilizing Photoshop, Sketch and other software to create appealing user interfaces for websites, apps, emails and much more.


Digital Illustration & Branding

Advanced digital illustration in raster and vector graphic environments. Creativity and "out of the box" identity branding approach.

Augmented Reality for Digital Visual Communication

Using augmented and virtual reality technology (Unity 3D, 3D Studio Max, V-Ray) for HoloLens, Oculus, Kinect, mobile and other devices to provide modern visual communication.


Photography is a passion that is encompasing me to great extent. It has always been my wonder regarding images of historic essence. Photography grants me one of the best offers in life.


Digital Illustration, 3D Modeling, Animation, Audio and Video Production

Digital Illustration, 3D modeling, 3D animation and video production together with audio and music editing.


Below are some of my top projects including graphic/web design, digital illustration, 3D modeling and animation, augmented and virtual reality app development and more! 

Digital Art / Illustration / Identity Branding

Professional graphic assets design. Advanced identity branding. Technical Illustration.

UI/UX & Identity Branding

Custom User Experience and User Interface Design. US/UI Website improvement and upgrades

Mixed Reality

Complete 3D modeling, 3D animation.  3D product or architectural & virtual reality (VR) development

Case Study - SAAS - LIEN ONE

Client approached Photon Bounce with request to redesign their old software that had number of issues:

  • User Experience Issues
  • Usability Problems
  • Speed - Slow loading pages
  • Impratically written code

CLIENT: Lien One - The Industry Leader in Property Taxes Research

Established in 2003 Lien One has prided itself as an innovative Leader in Property Records Research. Real Estate Industry Professionals, Homeowners and Buyers trust and rely upon Lien One for the fastest, accurate, complete, transparent and most comprehensive unrecorded property records research products.
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