Isabela’s Blue Diamond -GWI Button - 3D Model

"Isabela’s Blue Diamond" 3D Modeling and #Animation project for collector client. Process: Utilizing texture maps together with texture bump to accomplish realistic #3D look. Using actual hi-res photos for textures. To virtualize your product, contact us today About the button: Source: The Brass Ring comes in a Gilt Rainbow.GWI 4-A, B, & C The “GW” MONOGRAM WITH THE LINKED STATES W/ THE 3 ROADS LEGEND: GWI 4 was made in a variety of metals: Gold-Wash Brass, Plain Brass, Bronze, Silver-Wash and Plain Copper. Since, the Linked States pattern was made in assortment of metals, it has the widest variety of colors found in all GWI buttons. All the die variants are flat a one-piece button with a soldered on loop shank. The size for A, C, D is 34mm, and the size for B can range from 32 to 35mm. The Rarity rating for A is R-2, and the rarity rating for B & D is R-7 for Sub-Variant 1, and R-5 for Sub-Variant 2. The Rarity Rating for C is R-7. I decided to introduce a New Variety: GWI 4-C, and 2 New Sub-Variant for GWI B: SBV.1 & 2. This will allow GWI collectors to make the distinction between all the known die variants. GWI-C could have possibly have been a replacement steel die engraved in England. GWI 4-D is a Scottish-American Apprentice Rendition.


19 May 2021


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