Established in 2008 in Boston, MA, Photon Bounce has been helping numerous individuals and businesses establish their online and digital presence via websites, apps, branding, SEO, social media marketing, 3D modeling and animation.

Photon Bounce is comprised of very unique ans skillfull professionals, each one specialising in number of modern technologies.

The Team

Founder & CEO

Dmitriy Buchman

(Boston, MA)

Founder & Developer

The founder of Photon Bounce has passion for art, colors, technology and identity branding, DB brings some vibrancy and ultra-slickness to the apps and websites being built by the team. Dmitriy handles social media marketing, copy-writing together with client relationship management, leads acquisition/propagation and retention, this multi-tool is mentally processing your project day and night and inspires the team by out-of-the-box approaches and positive reinforcement practices

  • Project Management
  • User Experience Development
  • White-Hat SEO Expertise
  • Web & Application Design
  • Graphic Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Virtual and Augumented Reality

Praveen Puvanasingham

(Taunton, MA)

Partnered Developer

Praveen has been providing back-end and app programming to our collaborative team for a long time. Originally from Sri Lanka, this heavy-duty, top-shelf, code engineer is also an extremely fast and eager learner,  so the broad and rapid technological changes are tackled easily by this partner. Mobile application development, software programming (from scratch, by hand coding). There is absolutely no code that can not be written by Praveen. From simple HTML to coding robotic devices and software.

  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • CodeIgniter, CakePHP
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • jQuery, AJAX, REST API, node.js
  • Desktop Application Developer
  • App Developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Back-End Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Responsive Website Developer
  • Visual Studio
  • Git, SVN, PhpStorm
  • WebStorm, InteliJ IDE
  • C#, SQL/MySQL, Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python, PHP
  • LESS, ColdFusion
  • Angular JS, .NET, JBoss

Ricardo Finnis

(Boca Raton, FL)

Network Pro, Videographer & Movie Producer
Ricardo is extremely versed in network technologies, infrastructure together with fine film directing and full production. Consulting, then smoothly planning the project in advance and setting up plus connecting any size intranet and LAN and is very easy with Ricardo. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Ricardo A Finnis is an actor and producer, known for Ballers (2015),
Bloodline (2015) and Meet the Browns (2008). See full bio  Mr. Finnis is also in charge of film production with all the intricacies required to deliver a complete film.
  • Film Directing
  • Windows Enterprise Servers administration
  • Enterprise rollouts backup management
  • Data storage and much more.

“A mind stretched by a new idea…never returns to it’s original dimension …..” 

Britton Boughner

(Boston, MA)

Photographer and Videographer

Britt is an accomplished media professional in higher education and museum industries. Trained and mentored students, faculty, and staff on media and online learning technologies. Supported, developed, and designed media technology and instruction materials. Dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through media education, outreach, and community engagement.

New England Museum Assoc, Wildlife,  Acoustics

  • Training/Workshops
  • Outreach
  • Public Speaking
  • Video Production/Editing
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Instructional Design

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