Bravu App | Case Study

Bravu provides people with the opportunity to Congratulate, Recognize, Support, and give a Shout Out for Hard Work and Effort + Positive Gestures both big and small. A platform build on capturing those Positive and Inspiring moments in life. Positive Vibes, and Positive Mindset.

The goal was to fix a dysfunctional application version from previous developers. I collaborated with overseas developers and we engaged into re-building and re-designing a super-improved and upgraded version of the app from scratch.
Read in details how the process took place in this app development case study.
Bravu App Development Cased Study

Lien One Software as a Site | Case Study

Established in 2003 Lien One has prided itself as an innovative Leader in Property Records Research. Real Estate Industry Professionals, Homeowners and Buyers trust and rely upon Lien One for the fastest, accurate, complete, transparent and most comprehensive unrecorded property records research products.
Bravu App Development Cased Study
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