Bravu App

Bravu App

Bravu provides people with the opportunity to Congratulate, Recognize, Support, and give a Shout Out for Hard Work and Effort + Positive Gestures both big and small. A platform build on capturing those Positive and Inspiring moments in life. Positive Vibes, Positive Mindset, we're like that habit that you want to have.


Project Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives associated with the project were quite a few. Photon Bounce inherited the project that was originally developed by an overseas team. 

The original version was very poorly written, lacked UI loooks, UX was not great at all and the app did not function to client's standards. In order to deliver the originally requested functionality together with and additional features that we and client cameup with, the team re-wrote the code entirely and re-branded the app's look and feel.

Bravu App - The Process

We had built a slick, modern mobile application that serves humanity in a positive manner. The great deal of focus was centered on user experience and information flow together with ease of access to the user interface.


The logic was implemented and algorithms were written to allow app's intended functionality. The app went through a very thorough testing and debugging process and published to Apple Store and Google Play.

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13 October 2017


App Development
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