Lien One SAAS

Lien One SAAS

Established in 2003 Lien One has prided itself as an innovative Leader in Property Records Research. Real Estate Industry Professionals, Homeowners and Buyers trust and rely upon Lien One for the fastest, accurate, complete, transparent and most comprehensive unrecorded property records research products.

Client approached Photon Bounce with request to redesign their old software that had number of issues:  

User Experience and Usability Problems

Speed - Majority of their frequently used pages were taking up to 8 seconds to load

Poorly written code and other issues.Project Goals and Objectives

The clients old app was built using ColdFusion. We made the business decision to use our proprietary Admin panel written in PHP to rapidly develop the software and resolve the above issues.


One of the main aspect of the redesign was the User Experience. 

We made updating fields a swift process. Fields can now be updated on the fly by clicking on the value.

We spent quite a number of hours figuring out how our client’s daily  activities work, what pages they visit the most, which tasks require multiple steps, and which values they most access, etc. 

At the end we were able to prepare a high level overview of the day-to-day activities that our client performs, rather than building the app first. This way, we were able to craft the application from the ground up based on efficiency in mind.


The new software that we delivered offered improvement in efficiency and elimination of repetitive tasks which kept staff too overloaded:

All pages load under 1s, this is partly our dedicated hosting platform

Use of icons to indicate special statuses

Use of colors to indicate specific statuses

Prioritized frequently used pages / buttons to the top where it can be easily accessed

The security of the site was substantially improved as well, such as:

  1. Improved password hashing algorithm
  2. HTTPs / SSL Certificate installation
  3. Vastly reducing the number of spam user registrations
  4. Code quality was also improved. Using our state of the art Admin panel, we were able to further reduce the number hours it takes for any new update by more than 50%.


Graphics of the site have been improved as well to make it pleasing to the end user. It is our belief that a happy user is an efficient user.

 View full case study for Lien One:


02 April 2018


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